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Fibre Channel Layers


SimSANs implements FC-1, FC-2, and FC-4 layers of the Fibre Channel protocol family.  If you are not familiar with Fibre Channel, please refer to FC-FS. Here we only focus on the module implementation.  All of these layer modules are required by Fibre Channel Ports (FC_Port).  For N_Port, FC-1 and FC-2 are embedded in the port module while FC-4 is outside the port module acting as the port driver. For F_Port and E_Port, FC-4 is a build-in component of the port module like FC-1 and FC-2. N_Port (you can see N_Port as Fibre Channel HBA) is a sub-module of either Host or CHIP. Both F_Port and E_Port are sub-modules of Switch. User may take a look at the Module Tree to get a clearer picture.



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