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GlossarySimSANs v2.0.15 FeaturesUpdates Last updated 2004.08.20


Announcement (2009.01.05): SimSANs version 3.0 beta (http://www.simsans.org or http://www.dcsnetsim.org) is released. 


Welcome to the SimSANs Homepage!


This website presents you a novel development toolkit, SimSANs, for designing, modeling, simulating, and evaluating SANs (Storage Area Networks). SimSANs stands for Simulating Storage Area Networks, written in C++ and based on OMNeT++ discrete event simulation framework. SimSANs intends to explore I/O path performance limits from the architectural standpoint, and to achieve this purpose through three-level development: 


Source-Level: Module development using OMNeT++.

Design-Level: Network topology and architecture design using NED (NEtwork Description) language shipped with OMNeT++.

Configuration-Level: Parameter configurations and simulation running and analysis.


Currently SimSANs enables design-level and configuration-level development, which are built on a set of modules implemented as C++ static libraries (xxx.lib for Windows or libxxx.a for Linux/Unix).  SimSANs supports the following platforms: Windows 2000/XP + VC6/VC7, Cygwin 1.3.22 + GCC3.x, and RedHat Linux 9.0 + GCC3.x. The one for Solaris X86 is on its way. If you want to work on other platforms please let me know.


SimSANs is free to download and use for any non-profit purposes like academic researches. Please find the library packages at Download and user manual at How-To. I suggest user take a look at the Samples and run the demo program to find out what the SimSANs can do for you before using it. Interested user may find more useful information about the module implementation at Modules and some SimSANs related technique and ideas at Advanced. This website is for version 2.0. Please find version 1.0 at HERE.


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