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This page tells how to use SimSANs toolkit to design, simulate, and analyze Storage Area Networks.  Four steps should be followed: Project Building, Network Design, System Configuration, and Simulation Analysis.
Step 1. Project Building Creation of development environment.
Step 2. Network Design Design of network topologies.
Step 3. System Configuration Parameter selection and configuration.
Step 4. Simulation Analysis Simulation running, data collection, and results analysis.


For Linux user, please ensure to increase the stack size to avoid the segmentation fault. Run the following command before launching a simulation: #ulimit -s 65536


Before using SimSANs please make sure your development system has the following hardware and software installed.
CPU: Intel Pentium compatible (Pentium III 500MHz or above is recommended)
Memory: 64 MB minimum (128 MB or above is recommended for complex networks)
O.S.: Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP Pro, RedHat Linux 9.x, Cygwin 1.3.22
Development Environment: Visual C++ 7.0, Visual C++ 6.0, GCC 3.x
OMNeT++: Version 2.3 or higher