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Network Design


In SimSANs, the network design is referred to as writing network descriptions using NED language shipped with OMNeT++. The following rules should be followed when writing SimSANs network descriptions:

[1] Must import the following three NED files: Host.ned, Switch.ned, and Device.ned.

[2] At least one data centre module must be defined, which contains multiple inter-connected Hosts, Switches, and Devices.
[3] A root module must be defined, which contains one or more inter-connected data centres.
[4] There're 97 parameters that the root module must at least define.
[5] The network instance against the defined root module must be created. Of all the 97 parameters, 45 are non-customizable and should be initialized in NED file. The reset 52 parameters will can be initialized and customized in omnetpp.ini.


User may refer to Module Tree to get a whole picture about how the SimSANs network is constructed before designing and writing the NED.  A sample NED file (SimSANs_V2.ned) is included in the SimSANs Package describing a multi-site network that contains three inter-connected data centres.



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