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- SimSANs_v2.0.15_Demo_Winows.zip: Demo for Windows XP/2000.

- SimSANs_v2.0.15_Demo_Cygwin.zip: Demo for Cygwin 1.3.22.

- SimSANs_v2.0.15_Demo_Linux.tar.gz: Demo for RedHat Linux 9.0.



- SimSANs_v2.0.15_VS7.zip: Libraries for Windows XP/2000 + VS7.

- SimSANs_v2.0.15_VS6.zip: Libraries for Windows XP/2000 + VS6.

- SimSANs_v2.0.15_Cygwin.zip: Libraries for Cygwin 1.3.22 + GCC3.x.

- SimSANs_v2.0.15_Linux.tar.gz: Libraries for RedHat Linux 9.0 + GCC3.x.



- TXT2VEC: A very useful tool for converting SimSANs output files to OMNeT++ vector files (.vec) so that user can take use of plove to plot output vectors. Special thanks to Marcelo and Antonio who design it. The TXT2VEC at this website is for SimSANs v1.0. Please contact them to get one for SimSANs v2.0.

- NPortMap: For calculation of N_Port Address_ID. See here about the Address_ID format and calculation.

- DiskSecMap: Physical and logical sector maps for each of the four pre-defined disk models.


Old Versions

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_Demo_Winows.zip

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_Demo_Cygwin.tar.gz

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_Demo_Linux.tar.gz

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_VS7.zip

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_VS6.zip

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_Cygwin.tar.gz

- SimSANs_v2.0.12_Linux.tar.gz

- Version1.0: SimSANs version 1.0.


Source Codes

- not available at this moment.