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Device Module


In SimSANs the Device module is referred to as storage devices like disk array and tape library, etc. Current version provides one kind of device - Disk Array, which is implemented basing on Hitachi Lightning 9900. User can find Lightning 9900's specification and product description at HDS Hitachi Data Systems. Note: all of the internal implementations of the Device Module do not represent the real implementations of 9900 because I don't know any of its internal details - I just utilize 9900's architecture to design my Device Module and use my own sense to implement the internals.  Disk Array module contains multiple Client-Host Interface Processors (CHIP), multiple Array Control Processors (ACP), Control Memory and Cache (CtrlMem&Cch), and an Internal Switched Fabric (called Hi-Star). The following figure shows an example Disk Array module with two CHIPs and two ACPs.


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Disk Array Module

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